1.) Do we clean the property after the sale? a.] YES!!! We make sure the trash is out to the street for pick-up if you still have trash service – if not, we remove it entirely and the property is swept clean – ready to be sold or rented.

2.) What do we do with the items not sold? a.] We take it to the charity of your choice and get a receipt for you to file with your taxes.

3.) Is the family allowed to be at the sale? a.] We know that a person’s personal property is very sentimental and a lot of times have a lot of emotional memories, so we suggest that the family is not there.  We handle each sale as if it was our own, and with the most professionalism, selling each item at the fair market value and the best price which we can secure for each item.

4.) Why not do it ourselves? a.] First, of it, it is very emotional and takes a lot of time. Second, we have a very large email list of individuals in our market which shop with us at almost every sale and we always send them a great email with pictures of your items for sale.  We have also, done this for so long, we know how to advertise, where and when to advertise, to be sure to get the most advertising out in your community, as well as ours!!

5.) What is this going to cost me upfront? a.) Not a red cent…….we take care of all costs and back out your expenses from the procedes of the sale.

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