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Facing a serious illness, death, divorce, or the prospect of moving to a retirement or assisted living center can be an emotional time, filled with doubt and fear. During such times of distress, it’s natural for you to want to hang on to those possessions that have value, whether tangible or sentimental, which bring you comfort.

This is exactly when most estate sales or (Tag Sale) become most necessary. Whether you need to sell your belongings in order to raise living expenses or because you don’t have room for more than personal papers or cherished collections, an estate sale (where items are tagged with a selling price, and may be more convenient) is probably the most expedient and practical way to liquidate personal property.

Taking a lifetime’s worth of items wrapped up in memories and putting them in someone else’s hands can feel overwhelming. Even if the estate sale or is decreed in the will of a loved one, or court ordered because family members cannot agree to property disposition, you can find yourself unexpectedly caught up in an emotional whirlpool your hadn’t expected.

Fortunately, Estate Sales of the Ozarks can help guide you through the sale process with professionalism and compassion.

Estate Sales of the Ozarks offers a variety of services to help get the most for the items they sell on your behalf. With no up front fees and payment from commissions only, their goal is simply to help you uncover your items of monetary worth, rather than just sentimental worth, and promote them in a way to excite people who recognize that value. We can also find the bargains among your possessions and sell them reasonably so you won’t have a lot of leftovers once the sale or auction is finished. Estate Sales of the Ozarks has the expertise to sort, clean, merchandise, and sell your items while providing documentation and full accounting for each one.

Estate Sales of the Ozarks understands that since you’ll be entrusting a company with your property, it’s wise to plan these sales several months in advance if possible. You’ll want to compare several companies’ levels of service, expertise, and typical fees; find out what they do with unsold items afterward and what state the property will be left in; and examine receipts for sales, accounting information, and references.     To prepare for your sale, you’ll need to locate important documents such as insurance papers, deeds, wills, stocks or bonds, and accounting papers; confirm the legal executor of the estate and that he or she consents to the removal and sale of items; discuss the contents with family and friends and decide what is to be kept and sold, then remove these items; and coordinate the sale of real estate, as well as inclusion of appliances or other major items, with your real estate agent. Once this is done, Estate Sales of the Ozarks will come for an initial meeting, look through the home, find out your needs, and determine an appropriate time line. We pay for advertising in local papers, on our website and also to our list of over 3,000 people ready to buy, and through flyers if warranted, unless otherwise specified in advance, and conduct the sale for one to four days. We will also provide pre-sales for the family if requested; guard the address of the sale or auction until near the day of the event; sell larger items like cars or trailers; and offer real estate services or work with your Realtor before the sale. Finally, to prepare for the sale, we’ll sort and set up displays; during the sale,  we will provide sufficient staff to cover the sale and provide a comfortable atmosphere; document all sales; and follow up after the sale to bring you your check and reports.

It’s your decision whether to use Estate Sales of the Ozarks to host your estate sale. If you choose to use us, we will help you get the fairest prices with the least amount of emotional distress. City or country, wealthy or modest, wherever your estate and whatever your financial situation, Estate Sales of the Ozarks will help you make this transition with the care and dignity you deserve.

We do take credit or debit cards, as well as cash or check.

You can find out more about Estate Sales of the Ozarks by calling Gary at 417-861-5895 or email us at

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  1. My mother and I love Estate Sales of the Ozarks! Everything is always clean and well organized, and reasonably priced. Every member of the staff is friendly and helpful, and they go out of the way to look for things for us that they think we might like (we go to all their sales, so they know the kinds of things we typically like😀). They even help look after my dad, who suffers from dementia, if he chooses to sit instead of shop. ❤❤❤

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